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Suzanne's Reopening Procedures

Social Distancing

  • In studio class sizes will be limited to ensure proper social distancing guidelines.

  • Dancers will be encouraged to stay at least 3 feet apart from one another 

  • The studio common areas will remain closed at this time.  

Face Coverings

  • All faculty and staff will be required to wear face covering at all times. 

  • Dancers must wear a face mask upon entering the building & it is recommended that dancers wear face masks during class.

Wellness Checks

  • All faculty & staff will sanitize hands upon entering the building. 

  • Students will be encouraged to sanitize hands when entering the building. 

  • Any student who does not feel well, or shows any symptoms of being ill, should stay home.

Additional Cleaning Procedures

  • The entire studio has received a thorough cleaning. 

  • All door knobs, surface areas, bathrooms, barres, and any common area will be cleaned prior to classes each day. 

  • Teachers will clean floors and barres daily.

Dancer Drop Off/Pick Up

  • At this time our waiting area is closed. 

  • Dancers will be greeted at the main door (near the gravel entrance) by a staff member &  be dismissed one at a time out the side door (at the top of the hill) by a staff member.  


  • Credit Card payments can be made online through our Paypal Account 

  • A check can be mailed to the studio.

  • If paying in cash, please send in an envelope with your dancer clearly labeled with his/her name & the amount in the envelope to be deposited into our dropbox. 

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